a little mini-dump of stuff i haven’t posted here. mostly requests 

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Various Tezuka characters (mostly from Black Jack), drawn in stereotypical adult-natured Japanese styles/genres/tropes/WHATEVER (bara, bishie, yaoi, tentacle monster, and shota).

I totally copped out on tentacle monster!Rock. Also I might have flopped Dr. White to distract from the fact that everyone’s facing to the right and he’s meant to look wonky anyway what with being the yaoi guy but whatever. I also swear that the yaoi hand on Dr. White was completely, 100% intentional.

Based off a conversation between Sinnimonbuns and me!

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I joked about making this an imageset, and then someone was disappointed it wasn’t (which made me laugh). It is now an imageset.

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terrible ten minute doodle of my daddy issues bae, rock, as he appears in the metropolis movie, because ive been thinking about him a lot lately and i wanted a break from prints

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A serving of Ham by Lamplight for bonaventure-. The first comic was about the guys being jealous that Rock was the ace card, so they made and added their own. The second one was about them trying to figure out who would be on the joker card.


Finished a drawing I had laying around. Rock Boukenki fan art.

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